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Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte Giveaway & Review

lip cream matte bagus

Hello~ I'm teribly sorry for the lack of blogging due to my busy daily schedule. Today I'll be reviewing the lipcream matte that I've posted on my Instagram a few days ago. I usually review a lipcream matte from Indonesia, but this time it'll be from our neighbour country, Malaysia.

Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte

A bit of introduction about Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte Lip Cream from Malaysia:
Kamelia Cosmetics is a new Malaysian Cosmetics, released in 2016 by Kamelia Nisha.
Kamelia Cosmetics is a cosmetics company inspired by the fearlessness, femininity and fantastical nature of mermaids. Mermaids - although creatures of fiction, have been admired for many centuries due to their portrayal in films and books as being effortlessly beautiful, adventurous, and fun-loving. 

Furthermore, Kamelia Cosmetics believes in delivering quality ingredients, superior formulas and cruelty-free beauty at an affordable price - because every woman deserves to have the ability to enhance their beauty and feel empowered with first-class make-up.

malaysia lip cream matte

Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte has a pretty packaging. As the name said, it is inspired from a mermaid: Pastel-colored boxes with an embossed logo and holographic fish scales. The shades of each lip cream are printed on the top of every boxes.

lip cream matte

Mermaid Matte Lip Creme comes in 6 different shades: Pearl (peachy nude), Venus (dark mauve), Nixie (dusty pink), Ariel (muted hot pink), Nerissa (deep red), and Jewel (deep purple).

Soft Matte Lip Cream review kamelia

Key Nourishing Ingredients of the #MermaidMattes:
1. Argan Oil
Argan oil is often called "liquid gold", and with good reason. This "liquid gold" is chock-full of beneficial components such as fatty acids that make it an extremely nourishing ingredient for the lips.
2. Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that improves skin moisture and elasticity. 
3. Shea Butter
Shea butter is well-known as a superfood for the skin due to its high Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin F content. 

review Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte

The precise applicator wand means that lip liner is not necessary. After application, one should recognise the delicious scent of vanilla frosting upon the lips.

Mermaids Approved Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte

The formula makes this lipmatte really soft and comfortable on lips. After applying, the formula dries pretty fast on the lips and it has no transfer while eating or drinking. My most favourite part from this lipcream matte is its vanilla scent and it won't make your lips dehidrated. All of the colors are also very pigmented after one application.

Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte review

Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte has 6 pretty colours and suitable for daily use:
Pearl - A combination of soft pink and peach
Nixie - Soft pink, perfect for daily makeup
Nerissa - Dark red which is suitable for fancy dinner and midnight parties
Ariel - simply, a Hot pink! 
Venus - A mixture of soft pink, brown, and nude
Jewel - Purple shades

rekomendasi lip cream matte

Lasting Power
Lasting Power Kamelia Mermaid Matte is quite long-lasting (around 5-6 hours), and it won't vanish completely even after a meal of a drink. I only need around 1-2 times to touch up after going out for a whole day.

review lip cream matte kamelia mermaid

Among all of the available colors, Ariel is my absolute favourite! If you have seen all of my Instagram posts during my Korean trip, you've guessed it, I used this awesome lipcream matte!

miharu julie

Where to Buy Kamelia Cosmetics Mermaid Matte in Indonesia?
@LISALFONS, Price : IDR 130.000

Giveaway lip cream matte kamelia

Setelah mereview produk tersebut aku juga mengadakan Giveaway untuk 2 orang pemenang!
Rules nya :
1. Regram post ini sebanyak-banyaknya dan tag ke 5 teman kamu sertakan alasan kamu pengen cobain Lipcream Matte ini
2. Follow Instagram @Miharu.Julie dan @kameliacosmetics
3. Gunakan hashtag #MiharuxKamelia
4. Selalu tinggalkan komentar dalam setiap post IG aku & @kameliacosmetics

Ada 2 pemenang untuk Giveaway ini:
1. Pemenang 1 akan mendapatkan 1 set ( 6 warna Lipcream Matte Kamelia Mermaid )
2. Pemenang 2 akan mendapatkan 3 warna Lipcream Matte Kamelia

* Pemenang dipilih dari yang paling aktif mengikuti semua rules diatas 
* Periode berakhir 15 Maret 2017

The Winners is :

Getting Info...

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