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Hi everyone ! Today I'm going to review about TROIPEEL H+ Cushion (Healing Cushion). It's a Korean cushion foundation by Korean Cosmetic Brand called TROIPEEL. When MK Universal, the company who distributes this brand, reached out, they were very thorough in asking questions such as my skin type. They're really care about their customers

TROIPEEL H+ Healing Cushion

A little bit introduction about MK Universal Inc, the company behind Troiareuke and Troipeel:
MK Universal Inc. is one of the leading skincare cosmetic companies in Korean Professional skincare industry. MK Universal Inc. distributes a total beauty solution from product distribution, treatment training, to management consulting to more than 5,000 beauty spas and skincare clinics in Korea.
TROIPEEL , TROIAREUKE, KM HAN are leading market brands along with their World’s Top skincare professionals.

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Troipeel H+ Healing Cushion Claims
It's an aesthetic cushion that is being used in spas after treatment. It's a healthy, luxury, and functional cushion! 
Photobucket Function: whitening, UV protect, Anti-wrinkle 
Photobucket Skin regenerating effect with skincare effect (99% skincare 1% makeup) 
Photobucket Shade: 21, light beige

troiareuke a+ acsen cushion

Main ingredients of the healing cushion:
1. Adenosine - Anti-wrinkle effect
It will help to reproduce the cell, anti-inflammation, wound healing.
2. Niacin amide - Whitening effect
effective on UV damaged skin recovery and minimized melanin process
3. Centella Asiatica extract
One of the greatest wound healing ingredient of all time.
4. Portulaca extract
Effective on anti-inflammation and improving skin trouble. Anti-irritation effect on skin and natural moisturizing effect.


TROIPEEL H+ Cushion has very simple packaging. Made from plastic material and dominated with white color. It looks so medical as how their overall concept should be: prescribed cosmetics for our skin. They only have 1 shade and provide extra sponge inside.

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troiareuke h+ healing cream

troipeel healing cushion review

troipeel h+ healing cushion-review

The main features of this Healing cushion are:
1. Skin Moisture Shield
It forms thin moisture layer on the skin surface. Water Wrapping System acts as a moisture for TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss) and protection against external factors. Skin moisture shield helps to slow down the aging process.

2. Light make-up texture & calming effect
Through silky light make-up texture, H+ Cushion gives perfect makeup and desired skin look. WWS helps skin to have low temperature for minimizing the moisture loss.

3. Healing from inside out
Balancing the moisture level from inside out, it increases the biosynthetic of the skin healing ingredient such as Portulaca extract and Centella asiatica which gives skin good environment of healing and anti-aging.

troiareuke cushion

Texture and Coverage
The texture of the TROIPEEL H+ CUSHION is quite high coverage, so just 1 dab gets me very far in terms of coverage. It can covers most of my redness and acne scars. The H+ Cushion performs above my expectation and I really recommend it for you, especially for people with skin troubles. The H+ Cushion gives dewy finish that makes my skin looks healthier

review troipeel h+ healing cushion

Pros :
Photobucket The coverage is really good , it can covers most of my redness and acne scars
Photobucket Doesn't feel heavy on the face.
Photobucket Doesn't feel sticky
Photobucket Semi Matte Finish which i love <3 p="">
Photobucket Free 1 Extra Puff
Photobucket The H+ Cushion gives dewy finish that makes my skin looks healthier.

Cons :
Photobucket Only provide 1 shade

Troiareuke Healing Cushion

Where to buy Troipeel H+ Cushion?

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