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Dr. Althea Sun Cushion & Primer Review

dr althea luminous venus cushion review

I'm really excited to bring you today's review of the Dr. Althea Sun Cushion & Primer. I got from CHARIS ,which is a Influencer Based Commerce Platform in Korea Wearing sunscreen is a must whether you're going out or just staying indoors, especially for someone like me who lives in a country that everyone thinks of as "always sunny" lol. Using sunscreen is very important because it protects you from sun damage which is the number one cause of skin aging.

Dr Althea Sun Cushion and Primer Review

Dr. Althea Sun Cushion & Primer Description
Photobucket Moist without sticky grease of sun cream
Photobucket Portable cushion type convenient to reapply after makeup for clean and bright skin
Photobucket Safe for children use with plant extract
Photobucket Apply before makeup for primer effect which covers wide pores
Photobucket Apply after makeup to maintain the makeup with moisture and sunscreen

dr althea cushion review

At the bottom of the compact are some product info which are in Korean

Dr.Althea Sun Cushion & Primer SPF 50+

Dr.Althea Sun Cushion & Primer review

The packaging is really adorableIt comes in a portable compact case, with a mirror and a air puff. Also the packaging is not very heavy, which makes it easy to carry it around for any touch up. I can simply toss it into my bag without having to worry about spillage. The airtight packaging also keep the product fresh and clean, but make sure you close the lid back properly to avoid the product from drying up.

Dr.Althea Sun Cushion & Primer

How to Use
Photobucket If you use it as a base & primer, apply appropriate amount onto face evenly using the puff inside at the last step of basic care
Photobucket If needed, reapply onto nose area with big pores

Perfect sun protection after makeup
Photobucket For long time outdoor activity, reapply every 2-3 hours
Photobucket Can be used to fix makeup which lacks of moisture

dr althea korea cushion

I only lightly touched the sponge and I got product right away!! This sponge seems packed with product. You don’t need much pressure at all to get product. The product in the sponge is nice – there’s a light scent that dissipates after application. The kind of scent is hard for me to describe… perhaps a bit floral? I’m not sure.

Sun Cushion & Primer DR.ALTHEA

dr.althea water glow aqua cream

The texture is pretty watery and cooling when applied on skinMoist texture blends in easily with the skin color. Dr. Althea Sun Cushion & Primer is a moisture finish and smooth glossy skin. You can get no-sticky and long lasting moisture.

hicharis korean

Overall, I think if you're looking for a high SPF sunscreen that you can reapply throughout the day and on top of makeup, this might just be what you're looking for, especially if you, for whatever reason, don't want to use a spray (eg they can be high in alcohols). Essentially, it's just a sunscreen in a cushion, and I think it's the cushion that's what makes it good - the method of application makes sure that makeup underneath doesn't smear around and it's convenient and portable.

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